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The issue of long-term supplier declarations

Dear customer,

Because supplier declarations can only be issued in very seldom cases among our product range, which is due to provisions in the respective national legal acts, we would like to take this opportunity to provide you with information on this page about which of our products you can receive with a long-term supplier declaration.

With regard to the homogenous transesterified or hydrogenated goods (customs tariff number 1516) and mixtures range (customs tariff number 1517), the precondition that the goods are completely obtained or manufactured within the EU must be fulfilled. According to the Main Customs Office in Krefeld, this means “harvested within the EU”. Furthermore, it is declared that basic materials such as soya oil (positions 1507), peanut oil (1508), palm and its fractions (1511), as well as coco and palm kernel (1513) are allowed to be used.

Thus, it is possible for us to issue a long-term supplier declaration for which both of the following preconditions are fulfilled:

  • homogenous hydrogenated or transesterified products (customs tariff number 1516) or mixtures (customs tariff number 1517)
  • products consisting of palm (1511) or palm kernel (1513) or coco (1513).

If you wish to receive such a declaration, please get in touch with your respective contact person among our staff. It would be our pleasure to be of speedy assistance.
We are unable to provide you with such declarations for the remaining products (e.g. all homogenous products: refined palm, refined palm stearin, or refined palm olein (1511), refined palm kernel (1513), refined coconut oil (1513), refined rape oil (1514), refined sunflower oil (1512)). Neither are we able to provide such declarations for mixtures (1517) with sunflower oil or rape.

You will be able to find the respective regulations under Details are provided here explaining the precise reasons as to why the supplier declarations cannot be issued. We hope that you appreciate the reason why we, the Walter Rau AG, will not issue any further negative declarations in the future.

Thank you very much for your understanding.



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