Walter Rau
Neusser Öl und Fett AG
Industriestraße 36–40
41460 Neuss
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The Company

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Experts for functional oils and fats

We, the company of Walter Rau Neusser Öl & Fett AG, have our origin over a hundred years ago. Ever since then you, the customer and consumer, have been at the centre of our activities. Using the most up-to-date processing and in accordance with an integrated QM system we turn carefully selected vegetable raw materials into high-grade functional oils and fats. Nowadays when developing new products we not only attach importance to the ideal functionality of our products but in particular to finding an all-embracing solution as well.

Around 200 employees at our factory in the traditional oil-milling Rhine port of Neuss are working for you. Here we have the ideal location with a direct link to the major European ports and to our raw material markets all over the world.

Our goal as an oil producer

Successful customers and satisfied consumers – that is our goal. With your collaboration we respond to the increasingly rapid changes in the market in order to secure and strengthen permanently that success with the end user. However, for us it is not enough just to react – we want to act as well. We serve our clients actively, discover new markets and are constantly on the look-out for new, innovative fields of operation.

Surrounded by big international companies we have deliberately chosen to remain flexible. And this is where we see one of our strengths. As a medium-sized company we are in position to respond rapidly to individual customer requirements and to current market trends.

And we are not alone! Since 01-10-2016 we are part of Bunge. Bunge is a global leader in agribusiness and food and ingredients. The company supplies a growing world with agricultural commodities, bringing food from where it is grown to where it is needed. Bunge provides ingredients and solutions to major food manufacturers and food service operators worldwide, and consumers in the Americas, Europe and Asia rely on Bunge’s high-quality retail food products. All around the world, Bunge improves diets, helps farmers and communities prosper, and increases sustainability and food security.

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