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Our future is sustainable

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Member of the RSPO

Sustainability is the foundation of our corporate philosophy securing the long-term success of Walter Rau including economical and ecological aspects as well as social commitment, product liability and sincere communication.

Sustainable actions do start with the selection of the raw materials. Sustainability is of vital importance especially in connection with the palm oil based production. The growing demand for oils and fats in recent years for the global food industry has led to a significant increase in cultivation areas. It is known that further growth is inevitable for the future. However, it is important that the long-lasting action is economically, socially and environmentally acceptable. Being a long-time member of the Round Table on Sustainable Palmoil and with our obligation to source raw materials exclusively from RSPO members, we support all these efforts.


Social commitment

Our social commitment and the concern for our employees are also another pillar of sustained entrepreneurship. We actively support children care programmes in Germany such as the Ronald McDonald House Charities and are the sponsors of some children and youth sport teams. Social behaviour, integration, teamwork and discipline are all parts of a successful communication under any circumstances. These values and qualities are playfully imparted to children and youngsters. That is what we want to take part in.

Our employees should feel well in order to have good ideas. Therefore we established a health team which develops and implements activities on the subject of health, organisation and team building. Recently a survey was conducted among the employees, and the result was extremely motivating: nearly 72% of the respondents are happy to work with Walter Rau. Motivation and health of our employees are particularly important. We offer permanent “health checks”, a variety of sports programmes and continuous consulting services.



We’re increasing the volume of products we can trace back to the mill or farm. In 2017, we achieved 93% traceability to the mill for palm oil. 
We maintain a public grievance process for stakeholders, and we document our performance and activities via our palm and shea oil dashboards