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Data privacy

Downloading data and software

Walter Rau AG accepts no liability concerning the correctness or freedom of error of data and software that can be downloaded from the web pages. The software is checked for virus infections by Walter Rau AG. However, we recommend that data and software are subjected to virus checks with the aid of the respective latest anti-virus software after downloading.

Copyrights and other special protection rights

The content of this website is protected by copyright. One copy of the information contained in this website may be stored on one single computer for non-commercial, personal and internal use. Graphics, text, logos, images etc. are not allowed to be downloaded, reproduced, copied, changed, published, distributed, transferred or used in any other form without prior written approval by Walter Rau AG. Any product and company names used may be registered trademarks or brands. Unauthorised use may lead to compensation claims and restraint orders.

Protection of personal data and confidentiality

We cannot guarantee that information or personal data transferred to us is not intercepted in any way by third parties during transmission.


Walter Rau AG does not accept liability for damage, and particularly not for direct or indirect consequential damage, loss of data, loss of profit, system or production breakdowns arising through the use of this website or due to downloading data. The exemption from liability does not apply if damages caused by using the web pages or downloading data are the result of criminal intent or gross negligence. The legal relationship between yourself and Walter Rau AG, resulting from your use of the web pages, is subject to the law of the Federal Republic of Germany. The place of jurisdiction for disputes with registered traders, resulting from the use of these web pages, is the district court of the Walter Rau AG base in Neuss.

Data privacy details

As a rule, you will be able to access all of the Walter Rau AG web pages without having to provide personal details. If your name, address or any other personal details should be required in individual cases, you will be notified thereof in advance. Your personal usage data will be used in order to help Walter Rau AG provide you with the best possible service and to perform improvements wherever necessary.
If you should decide to pass on your personal data to Walter Rau AG via internet, for instance, in order to process correspondence or orders, this data will be handled with great care in accordance with the strict regulations of the German Data Protection Act (BDSG).
Walter Rau AG receives usage data whenever the website is accessed. This data is stored for backup purposes and may also allow user identification (e.g. IP address, date, time and viewed pages). This data is analysed by Walter Rau AG in order to be able to gather information about user behaviour and to compile respective statistics. All measures and actions are implemented in accordance with the strict security standards of the Teleservice Data Protection Act (TDDSG) and the Telecommunications Data Protection Ordinance (TDSV). No personal data is evaluated as such. We reserve the right to evaluate anonymous data for statistical purposes.
Here you will find further information concerning data protection in the Federal Republic of Germany:

Transfer of personal data to third parties

In the event that any data should be forwarded to service providers for the purpose of processing order data, these service providers are then respectively bound to the German Data Protection Act (BDSG), as well as other legal regulations, and by contract to the privacy policy of Walter Rau AG. Insofar as Walter Rau AG is obligated by law or court order to do so, only the legally required extent of your data will be forwarded to the respective authorities.
 Walter Rau AG will not forward your data to third parties for any other purposes without your express consent.


Walter Rau AG stores your data on specially protected servers in Germany. Access is restricted to a small group of individuals, authorised by Walter Rau AG, who are involved in the technical, commercial or editorial administration of this server.

Right of revocation

If you should decide to request that Walter Rau AG should not use your personal data for further contact purposes and/or should delete the respective data, Walter Rau AG will comply with your instructions. Any data that is essentially required for order processing or for commercial purposes is not affected by a cancellation or deletion request.
 Please appreciate the fact that the personalised service can no longer be provided in the event of a revocation, because this service is based on the use of customer data.

Use of cookies

During an online session, text information is collected in cookies and is filed in a special ASCII format file (cookie.txt) on the user’s hard drive. The user’s WWW browser controls where the cookies are stored on the computer. Cookies contain information that is sent back to the server during the next online visit. They can only be read by the server that previously filed them on your hard drive.
Walter Rau AG only applies cookies when they are essentially required for user functions or in order to facilitate easier website navigation. The information are not provided to third parties, because cookies are only applied for the above-mentioned purposes.
Most browsers are set to automatically accept cookies. However, this function can be deactivated in the browser at any time. You can set your browser so that you are informed as soon as cookies are sent.

Certain pages of the Walter Rau AG website contain links to other websites. Walter Rau AG has no influence on the editorial content of external websites and in ensuring that the operators of external sites comply with the applied data protection regulations.


As a rule, the pages of the Walter Rau AG website do not contain advertising space. If the opposite should happen to be the case, the advertising is performed by an external ad-server. The data collected in connection with online advertising (ad-impressions, ad-clicks) is used exclusively for statistical evaluation purposes and for creating reports for advertising customers. No personal data will be used for this process.
It is possible that cookies may be applied in the distribution of advertisements, upon which Walter Rau AG has no influence whatsoever.

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