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Sun flower

The result

Good products are those that fulfill customer requirements. This is why new products are devised in close cooperation with our clients. When developing new products cultural and religious aspects are taken into consideration as well as nutritional-physiological trends or changes in consumer behaviour.

Convenience foods place particularly high demands on the functionality of the fats. Our semi-liquid frying fats can help you to meet the consumer demand for healthy and tasty meals without time-consuming preparation.

Fats and oils are an essential ingredient in bakery goods and confectionery, in sandwich spreads, crisps and ice cream. They give the product their typical structure and their appetizing appearance, facilitate the processing and contribute to the taste sensation.

But also in the fields of the chemical and technical industry together with the cosmetic industry oils and fats are becoming increasingly important as natural and renewable raw materials.

The best-possible product

In the end our goal is not just the optimum product but also a comprehensive solution, embracing many services. These include the observation of the raw material markets, the improvement of existing products and the development of new ones, customer assistance during the whole procedure as well as advice on possible applications and the accompanying services.

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