Biscuits, cookies + cakes

Biscuits, Cookies and Cakes

High recipe portion

Biscuits, cookies and cakes differ from breads and rolls in their higher content of sugar and fat. For most of these bakery products the aeration properties are decisive. For the aeration a well-balanced proportion of solid to liquid components is necessary. The liquid part facilitates the incorporation of air bubbles, whereas the solid part gives the required stability. Furthermore, the consistency of the fats during handling is important. Only plastic and smooth fats allow the formation of a homogenous emulsion during the aeration process. To incorporate and mix the dry recipe components without lumping a smooth fat is helpful and reduces the processing times.

In the production of long-life bakery products like biscuits and cookies processing technology and parameters are fundamental criteria for the selection of the suitable fat. For an optimal quality of the baked goods also crystallization properties of the fat after the baking process have to be considered. Pure palm oil tends to post-crystallize or re-crystallize which leads to an unpleasant grey surface of the cookies, the so-called fat bloom.