Fats for french fries & co

Fats for French Fries & Co

Crispy and golden

Crispy and golden: doesn’t that make your mouth water, too? French fries are popular with the young and the young at heart.

In the industrial production of french fries the potato sticks are par-fried in hot oil and absorb up to 5% of fat. That’s why it is of particular importance that the oil remains stable and does not form off-flavours but supports the natural flavour development. Therefore a solid fat which gives stability to the semi-finished French fries is perfectly suited for par-frying.

In the foodservice and catering industry or in the home kitchen the french fries are fried for a second time. The easy handling of the frying fat during filling and emptying of the fryer is as important as heat stability, economical use and their long frying life.