Use of vegetable fats

The use of vegetable fats in sausages is interesting especially for products made of poultry: by legislation turkey salami may also contain portions from other kinds of meat besides poultry. But the consumer expects pure unmixed sausages when buying a poultry product. That means that even the included fat particles should not come from pork. The fat content in poultry is relatively low i.e. the fat is not suitable for sausage production. Therefore, vegetable oils with a melting behaviour similar to pork bacon are a good choice. In the same way it is possible to produce other unblended sausages like beef and venison.

The use of vegetable oils and fats in sausages can also have nutritional advantages: by adding vegetable oil to cooked sausages the fatty acid profile can be optimized. Also the cholesterol content can be reduced by processing vegetable fats and lean meat.


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