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Material utilization

Material Utilization

Special vegetable oils and fats

WALTER RAU offers special vegetable oils and fats and their derivates for technical applications. The products may be used as base oils for lubricants, slip additives and antistatic materials for the plastics industry.

Moreover, our fats are used as base for creams in cosmetics and as natural waxes in candle production


We are happy to support you in choosing the suitable fats and oils for your application. Please don’t hesitate to ask!


Theresia Schünemann
Product manager
Phone: +49 21 31 / 208-285
Fax: +49 21 31 / 208-80-285
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Marcel Strackerjan
Sales Manager
Phone: +49 21 31 / 208-267
Fax: +49 21 31 / 208-80-267
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