Chocolates and compound chocolates

Chocolates and Compound Chocolates

Quality of the finished product

The fat in chocolate and chocolate products influence the quality of the finished products concerning melting behaviour, cracking and flavour release to a great degree. Cocoa butter, which is a fat with unique physical characteristics, is the traditional fat in chocolate recipes. The directive allows the addition of special fats (CBE) up to 5% to chocolate and chocolate products. CBE resemble to cocoa butter referring to their chemical and physical properties and can be blended with it in each proportion.

The substitution of more than 5% of cocoa butter is possible in compound chocolates. For this purpose CBR and CBS are suitable. Both of them do not require tempering.

CBR are only partially miscible with cocoa butter. They are optimal for the partial substitution of cocoa butter e.g. in coatings. Besides cost advantages they can be flexibly tailored to an application by the use of modification methods.

However, CBS are completely different in their composition in contrast to cocoa butter and therefore not miscible. They are produced from the lauric oils (palm kernel oil and coconut oil) and have a pleasant melting behaviour.