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Confectionary Fillings

Confectionary Fillings

Valuable effects

Fillings are a valuable component of many sweets. Vegetable fats represent an important recipe constituent. Fat forms the continuous phase, in which the other components are embedded. That’s why physical and chemical properties of fat are decisive for the quality of the finished product. Factors like texture, mouth feel and flavour release are determined by the fat.

For these fats melting properties are particularly important: the fats have to melt rapidly and completely in the mouth without leaving an unpleasant fatty impression on the tongue.

The desired consistency of the filling limits the choice of suitable fats. Especially fillings for chocolate and pralines contain high amounts of other fats like milk fat, hazelnut and almond oils. Therefore one has to bear in mind that the consistency of the filling softens naturally. Corresponding harder filling fats have to be used in order to achieve the desired consistency of the filling.