Product description

Chovetine 19500 is a lauric cocoa butter substitute (CBS) based on palm kernel fractions. Above all, it is used in sweets industry for producing premium-coatings, pralines and hollow figures. The end products formulated with Chocosine show an improved heat resistance and an excellent mouth feel. The coatings melt with a pleasant cooling effect and show an extraordinary flavour release.

Instructions for Application

Chovetine 19500 is used for the production of premium-coatings and especially for pralines and hollow figures. Coatings based on Chovetine do not require tempering.

This product can also be used for replacing cocoa butter in fillings completely. Chovetine is, like all lauric fats, incompatible to cocoa butter. Therefore it is crucial that in recipes containing CBS the amount of cocoa butter in the fat phase is kept below 5 %. If the amount exceeds the 5 %-limit, there is the risk of fat bloom and reduced heat stability of the product. That’s why the whole technical equipment has to be cleaned carefully before using a CBS-mass.

Suggestions concerning creating and adaptation of recipes and more instructions for application, you can get from our application department, if required.