Product description

Kernetta is our product range based on palm kernel oil. In this product family one can find both: pure refined palm kernel oils and refined hydrogenated products and blends. Depending on the melting point the application areas are in ice cream industry, dairy products and in confectionary and bakery fillings.

Our softest product, Kernetta 10090, is perfectly suitable for ice cream production and soft cream fillings. More solid types of Kernetta are also ideal for pralines and chocolate fillings, and for fillings in wafers and cookies. They lend the required solidity and stability, but they melt rapidly, with a pleasant cooling effect in the mouth. As a matter of course, we have developed products for the mentioned applications which fulfil today’s requests for low trans-fatty acid content.

Kernetta 19370 can be aerated easily and is therefore perfect for fluffy fillings like in baked goods and wafers. Fillings based on Kernetta are pumpable and show good crystallization behaviour. They are fast-setting and form stable systems, which can tolerate even higher amounts of other fats in the recipe. The excellent aeration behaviour and its ability to retain air bubbles make Kernetta an ideal fat for whipped creams.

Kernetta 19370 can also be used as a lauric cocoa butter substitute (CBS) in cocoa coatings, hollow figures and confectionary fillings. Coatings produced with Kernetta 19370 are relatively heat resistent, show a good snap and a pleasant mouth feel with a good flavour release.

Instructions for Application

Kernetta 19370 is not compatible with cocoa butter like all lauric fats. Therefore it is crucial that in recipes containing CBS the amount of cocoa butter in the fat phase is kept below 5 %. If the amount exceeds the 5 %-limit, there is the risk of fat bloom and reduced heat stability of the product. That’s why the whole technical equipment has to be cleaned carefully, before using a CBS-mass.