Waretta fat powder


Product description

There are applications where fats can't operate in their usual mold. That's when we suggest our established Waretta fat powder. The white to cream-coloured fine powder are used in fillings, glazings, cacao- and nut containing spreads or margarine as crystallisation starter and catalyst for a long time already. In these products Waretta fat powder acts as a matrix builder and prevents the liquid phase from oiling out. Fat powder are also often an important component in dry mixtures like convenience products or baking mixtures.

We offer Waretta fat powder in several options. You can get them free of trans fatty acids (<2%) saturated but also as unsaturated products as well as on a palm oil basis or palm oil alternative and with different melting points.

Fat powder are easy to handle because they don't lump or flow freely. This results in clear advantages for the industrial and technical user, such as:

  • better dosage of the powdered fats compared to block fats
  • better circulation in the product because of the fineness of the powder
  • faster melting of the fat powder compared to block products

As the required quantity and conditions or Waretta fat powder are very much controlled by each application and procedure we offer you a special counselling by our qualified employees.