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Palm Kernel Oil

Palm Fruit for extracting palm kernel oil

Cocoa glazes, ice confection and more

Palm Kernel Oil can be extracted from the kernels of the oil palm fruits. It belongs to the lauric oils like coconut oil, i.e. it contains a high amount of lauric acid, a saturated fatty acid. That’s why it is solid at room temperature.

The raw oil is yellowish-brown, after refining one obtains a nearly white-yellowish fat. Palm kernel oil is solid at room temperature, but at body temperature it is melting rapidly and leaves a pleasant cooling effect. That’s why it is common in cocoa glazes, ice confection, ice cream coatings and cool-melting confectionery fillings. Palm kernel oil is also used as solid component in the margarine production.

It is a basic raw material fort he production of oleochemical intermediate products which are used for cosmetics and cleaning agents.


Impressions of the extraction