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Palm Oil

Palm oil

From the fruit flesh of the oil palm fruits

Palm oil derives from the fruit flesh of the oil palm fruits. It contains a high amount of saturated fatty acids. That’s why palm oil is solid at room temperature in our latitudes. It’s common in all applications which require a non-hardened, low-trans but solid fat.

By fractionation one can divide palm oil into its solid and liquid components, the so-called fractions. The fractions can be blended in order to adjust the melting point of the fat composition without increasing the trans-fatty acid content. That’s why these blends of palm oil and its fractions are a good alternative to partially hardened fats rich in trans-fatty acids for all applications which require a certain solidity of the fat.

Palm Oil and Sustainability

Sustainability has become a byword connected to the cultivation of oil palms. Due to the ever-growing demand for oils and fats for the food industry the area under crops was increased enormously during the last years. Tropical rainforests had to give way for palm plantations. The consequences were not only slashing and burning, but also a deletion of rural communities and severe social conflicts.

We know that a further increase will be necessary. But it is important, that this happens in a sustainable way, which is agreeable from the economical, social and ecological point of view:

  • The tropical rainforests with their biodiversity of flora and fauna have to be preserved.
  • The cultivation of oil palms has to be carried out in an environmental-friendly manner in order to keep the soil fertile and the ground water clean.
  • Social aspects like fair working conditions and the renouncement of child labour have to be considered as well.

We support the efforts regarding sustainability by our membership in the Round Table on Sustainable Palmoil (RSPO) and our commitment that we only buy our palm products of RSPO members.


Impressions of the extraction of palm oil