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Rapeseed Oil


Rich in mono- and polyunsaturates

Rapeseed Oil can be obtained from rapeseed by pressing and / or extraction. Its edible use has been limited until it became possible to cultivate a special type of rapeseed oil low in erucic fatty acid. Rapeseed oil is rich in mono- and polyunsaturates and has a well-balanced ratio of n-3 to n-6 essential fatty acids.

Based on its nutrionally well-balanced composition rape seed oil has become one of the most common vegetable oils in Germany and all over Europe. The light yellow oil is used as salad and cooking oil on a large scale and serves as oil component in margarines, mayonnaises and dressings.

The non-food industry is also interested in rapeseed oil. It is used in energy production, the production of bio fuels and serves as environmental-friendly additive in lubricants.