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Solutions for vegetable fats and oils


The specialist for solving problems

It is true that vegetable fats and oils are often standardized products but for many applications there are no universal solutions: special products also require special fats. We know that individual solutions need individual service – and therein lies our strength as a medium-sized company. We are always ready to listen to our customers and their wishes and questions.

Due to the ever-encreasing complexity of the clients's desires, we have created the Customer Solution Center for our clients. It merges marketing, research and development, application management, quality management and quality assurance, so that they can deliver the associated know-how from one manufacturer. The form may range: from seminars to consultations by phone, the CSC-team is looking forward to your challenges.

Vegetable fats and oils from carefully selected raw materials

By choosing the right raw materials and with the use of modern technology we produce functional and healthy vegetable fats and oils for your individual requirements. The development and production of tailor-made fat systems for the manufacturing (food) industry is one of our main skills.

Only carefully selected raw materials are refined by us to become high-quality functional oils and fats. Where their choice and procurement is concerned, we source them globally: we get our palm and palm kernel oil from S.E. Asia, coconut oil from the south Pacific islands, most of our rapeseed oil comes from Europe and Germany and we buy sunflower oil from Europe and South America.

Our diverse quality management system ensures that the raw materials are already examined during their cultivation. Further quality controls take place before the goods arrive in Neuss. This guarantees not only the high quality of our raw materials but also a thorough traceability as far as their origin.

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