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Customer Solution Center

Customer Solution Center

Your brands in best hands

Customised solutions

The ever increasing complexity of our customers’ wishes and requirements has prompted us to create the Customer Solution Center (CSC). Marketing, Research & Development, Application Technology, Quality Assurance, and Quality Management have joined forces to offer you bundled know-how in all these fields of expertise from one source. It’s all about our customers at the CSC. We are committed to jointly develop products but also other services for you. We will help you to solve also very demanding tasks in the best possible way.

Customer workshops

In the course of the last years, the CSC team has particularly focused on establishing output-driven cooperation with customers by means of customer workshops. Members of both the customer and Walter Rau working in different departments (Research & Development, Marketing, Purchasing, Sales, Technology, Logistics, etc.) come together for discussion and preparation of requested issues. Innovations and product developments need creative breeding grounds to grow.

With our workshops we strive to achieve closeness to our customers and thus strengthen mutual understanding and utilisation of joint forces in development and innovation.

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