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Market investigation

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Know-how, development and advisory services are the elements of success

Only those who keep up-to-date with the latest developments can do justice to the customer requirements of the future. This is the reason we are constantly working on the optimization of our processes and the further development of our products.

By working together as partners and through the exact adjustment of our products to your field of application, to your technology and end product it is often possible to improve the processing and save costs.

A precise knowledge of the market, of the complex interaction of the factors that influence it and the experience of our raw material purchasers help us to predict future developments on the world market and to react quickly and flexibly to them. Of course we put this service at the customer’s disposal: we advise you on the world market and price fluctuations and assist you with winding up contracts.

We always keep our eyes open for new markets and fields of application, so as to increase the success of our clients in the marketplace. Through a combination of traditional skills, new technologies and innovative products we have succeeded in becoming a powerful and forward-looking partner for our customers. We will continue to aim at that – and would be pleased to do it together with you.



Klaus Lorenz
Head of Raw Materials Department
Phone: +49 21 31 / 208-150
Fax: +49 21 31 / 208-80-150
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