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Product development

Filling oil in a glas

Research and development are our capital

Your ideas together with our know-how result in customer-orientated and cost-effective solutions. Our years of experience and our technical expertise provide the necessary basis for this. Our R&D department has a special raw materials laboratory where all incoming goods are given a thorough examination. Further analytical controls accompany the various stages of the refining process. Modern laboratory equipment enables us to monitor all the relevant parameters to ensure an optimum quality and functionality of our products. Needless to say the taste and odour of our finished products are constantly checked as well.

Our R&D laboratory concentrates on the improvement and development of our production processes and the optimization and extension of our product range. Finally in our department of Application Technology the moment of truth arrives for our new products – here they are tested on a laboratory scale and under practical conditions. Its members of staff can not only advise you on the choice of the appropriate fats but can also offer you active assistance with recipe and processing regulation – either here or on your own premises.

This service is possible thanks to our extensive know-how on fats and oils and their fields of applications and on their behaviour in the finished products as well as their interaction with other ingredients in the recipe.

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