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Sustainable palm oil


With us, quality, responsibility, and sustainability are not a coincidence!

The constantly high quality of our products is the guarantor for our success as well as for satisfied customers and consumers. We want to set standards, particularly in terms of transparency and sustainability, to ensure a proper end-to-end documentation of the production process and thus complete traceability.

All of our products are of purely vegetable origin, whereby we also bank on biological raw crude oils to cope with increased demand. Especially the topic “sustainable palm oil” plays a particularly important role in our daily efforts, since this valuable natural raw material is strongly in demand world-wide. In processing sustainable palm oil we use exclusively additives and procedures that are approved for this purpose. On our homepage, customers and interested consumers will find all certificates documenting our high quality standards. So we are, for instance, an officially approved processing company in terms of the rules on organic farming.

Controls at regular intervals and a responsible quality management ensure that all demands are consistently met. With our progressive proceedings we want to create highest possible transparency and thus trust as the basis for economic success in the end. A key topic that particularly worries and boosts us is sustainable palm oil. We are actively committed to enhance sustainability for this raw material being that valuable for global food.

Round Table on Sustainable Palm Oil: now shaping and proactively securing the future

The Round Table on Sustainable Palm Oil was founded in 2003 based on an initiative of the WWF. As a member of this central organization we aim at actively supporting sustainable farming regarding palm oil and, at the same time, fighting impairments of the environment.

Being a member of this organization for sustainable palm oil, we keep a grandstand view on the entire supply chain, i.e. particularly plantation operators, world-wide traders as well as industrial bulk purchasers of palm oil, and also banks and investors. The 400 members of the organization in total all guarantee for a proper and sustainable palm oil production. As a rule, no plantations are allowed in nature reserves and no deforestation of rain forests is permitted.

Sustainable palm oil is exclusively cultivated in plantations that are regularly controlled by independent organizations. In doing so, it is ensured that the defined rigid international sustainability standards that also include social and environment-related criteria are strictly observed.

Sustainability is the only way to preserve natural resources

With a market share of at least 30%, palm oil ranks before soybean oil as the most important vegetable oil in the world. During the past years, palm oil production has been increasing drastically, in the period from 2001 to 2009 from 25 to 46 tons. This shows the importance of sustainable palm oil very clearly, since production will have to increase further to meet the strong worldwide demand. This is due to the versatility of the valuable natural raw material palm oil.

Palm oil or palm kernel oil is not only used in the food industry (e.g. in margarine), also cosmetics products as well as detergents and animal food predominantly contain this natural raw material. Palm oil is also increasingly used as an energy source. Investigations showed that almost every other product in the supermarket contains palm oil. To fight the hunger of the increasing global population, we must take action now and push on with the topic “sustainable palm oil” in terms of intelligent and future-oriented farming.

Through our membership in the Round Table on Sustainable Palm Oil we take responsible and considerate action every day with an eye on balanced treatment of this natural raw material that is in demand worldwide. With our commitment, we want to take a strong stand for an ecologically and socially balanced handling of natural resources.




We’re increasing the volume of products we can trace back to the mill or farm. In 2017, we achieved 93% traceability to the mill for palm oil. 
We maintain a public grievance process for stakeholders, and we document our performance and activities via our palm and shea oil dashboards


RSPO Logo 2020

Walter Rau AG is member of RSPO (roundtable on sustainable palm oil).



Especially the topic “sustainable palm oil” plays a particularly important role in our daily efforts.