An appetizing gloss

The market for convenience products is still growing. Marinated meat can be found at every meat department and prepacked in each supermarket.

Marinades make the meat not only tender, but also improve the appearance. The meat gets a pleasant colour and an appetizing shine.

Vegetable oils are a basic constituent of many marinades. By marinating air is kept away from the meat and therefore the products stay fresh for a longer time. The meat stays tender and doesn’t become dry. Moreover, an oily marinade supports taste, fat-soluble flavours get into the meat and cause an even and harmonious taste development.

Marinades based on special marinade fats (like our Canolin) hover herbs and spices evenly. The consistency ensures an easy and consistent distribution of marinade on the meat. The meat structure stays visible underneath the marinade while the surface gets an appetizing shine.

Marinades – highly viscous fat systems

The application areas for vegetable fats in meat and sausages are as manifold as the products themselves: steaks are marinated with vegetable oils, convenience foods are deep-fried or pan-fried.n sausages the use of vegetable fats offers both.