Yogurt and curd

Yogurt and Curd

Recombined milk

Starting material for the production of fermented milk products with vegetable fats is normally recombined milk based on milk proteins, lactose, water and fat. After pasteurization and cooling down a special starter culture is added. The starter culture forms lactic acid, which makes the milk congeal.

For products like yogurt, curd and fresh cheeses the fat has to be as neutral as possible in colour and taste. It may not interfere with flavour development, but support the natural fresh taste. Fat is also responsible for texture and consistency of yogurt: the yogurt gets smoother and creamier.

The nutritional profile can be improved by the use of vegetable fats, saturated fatty acids and trans-fatty acids may be reduced whereas mono- und poly-unsaturated fatty acids are increased. Furthermore, the cholesterol content of dairy products may be reduced by the substitution of vegetable fats for milk fat.


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