Frying fats for meat and convenience foods

Frittierfette für Fleisch und Convenience-Produkte

Consumer-friendlyness and extra-comfort

Convenience means consumer-friendlyness and extra-comfort. These products facilitate the cooking of healthy and tasty meals without prolonged preparation.

The meat industry is a pioneer on this field: there’s a range of products from marinated meat for the next barbeque to ready-to-cook or ready-to-eat products.

Many of the products like meat balls or breaded meat are deep-fried or pan-fried before packaging. For this purpose a high quality heat-stable fat is suitable, which supports the flavour development of the meat. Since meat pollutes the frying fat more than potato products it is especially important to monitor the quality of the frying fat continuously.


More and more consumers want the preparation of their food to be quick and easy. Besides, it has to be tasty, though, and, into the bargain, offer a bit of variety on the daily menu plan. All these requirements can meanwhile be met by the so-called “Convenience Food”.