Product description

Cocopur stands for our products based on coconut oil. Within the Cocopur family, you will find versatile products from pure, refined coconut oils to hydrogenated products to mixtures.

Cocopur is characterised by a pleasant mouth feel, good crystallisation properties, and high tolerance towards higher quantities of external fats.

The fields of application for the members of the Cocopur family vary depending on their melting point. The softer Cocopur variants are ideally suited for the manufacture of ice cream and soft cream fillings since they can be easily whipped and, despite their pumping ability, congeal quickly and thus can form stable systems. These properties make Cocopur ideally suited also for fluffy fillings that are used for pastry and waffles.

Our Cocopur hydrogenated fat is predestined for fillings in chocolates, hardtacks or bars of chocolate. It features the required solidness and stability and nonetheless melts quickly and pleasantly in the mouth.

Not least our Cocopur lends itself as a lauric cocoa butter substitute in hollow bodies and sweets fillings containing cocoa. Here, it impresses with the thermoresistance of coatings made with it, their crispiness, and their good flavour release.