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Products by applications

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Natural Products for individual solutions

  • Bakery products

    Bakery products

    Fat is a basic ingredient in the manufacture of bakery products. In doughs it faciliates the mixing of recipe ...

  • Ice cream

    Ice cream

    What would be a summer without ice cream? Nearly eight litres are consumed by an average German every year.

  • Meat products

    Meat products

    The application areas for vegetable fats in meat and sausages are as manifold as the products themselves: ...

  • Margarine


    Margarine is a water-in-oil emulsion which contains solid fats as well as liquid oils.

  • Dairy products

    Dairy products

    In many dairy products it is possible to substitute vegetable fats for milk fat partially or completely. This ...

  • Fats and oils

    Fats and oils

    The applications for vegetable oils and fats in technical sectors are manifold. For example for the use as ...

  • Fats for roasting or deep-frying

    Fats for roasting or deep-frying

    Deep-frying, pan-frying or roasting – that’s high-performance for oils and fats.

  • Sweets


    The sweet industry is one of the most innovative branches of the food industry.